Auditor 293 118311269Cost Savings:

Online quality training courses are taken at work or at home; non-productive down time is reduced - no travel - no travel expenses.  Typically the online courses are below the in-person training course costs.

Take Courses at Your Learning Rate:

Online quality training allows you to study and learn at your pace, not the instructor's.  We all know at times our minds wander.  If you are sitting in a class and realize you just missed a crucial nugget of information, you probably won't raise your hand and say, "I wasn't paying attention, could you repeat the last 5 minutes?"  With Online Training, you can stop and go back as often as you'd like.

Course Materials Stay Current:

Course materials is updated as it changes. You are able to learn about the latest information at it occurs - no waiting for publishing - a tremendous benefit.

Improve Your Standing & Resume:

If you are looking to advance within your organization and become a quality expert with more authority - you need additional training. With a number of Quality Systems Training Certificates, you can become the expert in your organization. By taking training at home or on the job, you can upgrade your education. online classes let you upgrade your skills and study anytime, anywhere. No travel time is spent going to in-person classes.

Easy to Do:

The course material is online and available at any time.


Studies have found that online learning results are similar to those from traditional classes. In some cases the results are improved because the training is available at the point of need. Lessons can be applied on the job during the course.