core tools apqpAPQP or Advanced Product Quality Planning is a structured method of defining & establishing the steps necessary to ensure that a product satisfies the customer.

Effective product quality planning depends on a company's top managements commitment to the effort required in meeting customer specifications.

There are 4 lessons here for your background understanding.  The first plays automatically, click the play button to listen to Brandon Kerkstra describe common non-conformance issues associated with APQP.

Lesson 1

bullet green arrow 25 Required Input/Output documents could not be found.

bullet green arrow 25There is no evidence that members of the APQP team represented a multi-functional discipline.


Lesson 2

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bullet green arrow 25 It is not clear that management has reviewed and approved various APQP phases.

bullet green arrow 25A manufacturing process is not recorded on the APQP documents (or, a manufacturing process denoted on the control plan is not implemented).


Lesson 3

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bullet green arrow 25 There is no evidence that RPNs have been reviewed or recalculated on Process and Design FMEAs.

bullet green arrow 25APQP documents are not consistent (e.g., process flow chart is not keyed to the control plan).


Lesson 4

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bullet green arrow 25 A significant characteristic on the drawing is not designated as significant on the APQP documents.

bullet green arrow 25MSA studies could not be found for gages listed on the control plan.

bullet green arrow 25Special characteristics are not controlled in the process.